Sample Outline of Safety Policy

Sample Safety Policy Note: This is not a complete, comprehensive safety policy, it is only an outline that must be completed by the individual company.

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Sample: Outline of Comprehensive Safety Policy Statement

This Comprehensive Safety Policy below is not complete. It is only meant to be a guide to get your company started. It is a good starting point for you to develop your company's safety policy statement and put it in place at your workplace. A Registered Business must submit a copy of the developed Comprehensive Safety Policy to the Board of Tree Experts to satisfy the requirements of the law. It gives you a base from which to build a comprehensive safety policy and the options to build into it, the elements you need to have a safer company. The aim is to produce a safer operation, not to prepare a set of documents that sit in a folder in an office. Once a comprehensive safety policy is in place, your safety culture can grow year to year as the operation develops.


This is the statement of safety policy and arrangements for: XYZ Tree Care Company, LLC

1.0 - A strongly worded affirmative statement that acknowledges and supports the company's safety responsibility:

At (Company Name) we care about the safety, health and well-being of our employees. We value the contributions our employees make toward our success. We support local community interests, and value honesty, integrity, and teamwork.

We Value Our Employees

Our business operates with a goal of zero damage to people, property and product. It is our policy to provide safe working conditions. At XYZ Tree Care Company, LLC everyone shares equally in the responsibility of identifying hazards, following safety rules and operating practices. All jobs and tasks must be performed in a safe manner following industry safety and performance standards, as safety is crucial to the quality of our work and service.

Safety Policy

At (Company Name) no phase of the operation is considered more important than accident prevention. It is our policy to provide and maintain safe working conditions and to follow operating practices and industry safety standards that will safeguard all employees. No job will be considered properly completed unless it is performed in a safe manner. XYZ Tree Care Company, LLC is concerned about the health and good work habits of its employees. In the event an employee is injured or unable to perform their job, we want to help them obtain the best treatment, so you can return to the job as soon as possible.


  2.0 - Titles, positions, and locations of those responsible for policy design, enforcement, and modification. PLEASE SPECIFY
  3.0 - A system for any employee to report violations of safety rules confidentially. EXPLAIN
  4.0 - Documentation that establishes that the policy was given to all employees, posted prominently, and included in policy manuals. SIGNED FORM
  5.0 - A statement that supervisors are held to act as agents for the company. Name of Supervisor
  6.0 - A statement that any deviation from known policy by supervisors will not be tolerated. Write Statement
  7.0 - A process to address how questions are to be answered and emergencies handled. Person to Notify
  8.0 - The penalties for employees who don't follow safety rules. DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE
  9.0 - The Policy meets in full the industry standards for arboriculture and safety set forth at N.J.A.C. 7:3A-8.1. (Conformance with certain industry standards such as ANSI Z133 – 2012: Safety Standards for Arboricultural Operations and applicable OSHA regulations).
10.0 - Equipment Inspection Schedule
11.0 - Mobile Equipment Inspection Schedule
12.0 - PPE Inspection
13.0 - Traffic Control around Work Zone
14.0 - Accident/Incident Report
15.0 - Safety Policy closing with a signature place for employees to acknowledge

I have read (Company Name's) Safety Policy statement and understand the commitment to the safety and health of employees and customers/clients.


(Employee's Name – Please Print)


(Employee's Signature)                              Date


(Supervisor's Name – Please Print)


(Supervisor's Signature)                              Date