Businesses either based in New Jersey or providing services within the state will be required to:

  • Have at least one licensed individual working full time in the company.
  • Maintain a minimum amount of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance or a letter of credit in the amount of $1,000,000 issued by a bank or lending institution to do business in New Jersey
  • Secure and maintain worker's compensation insurance coverage for its employees or be approved for self-insurance by the New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. The worker's compensation insurance shall be based on applicable New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau code.
  • Abide by adopted industry standards: ANSI A300 American National Standard for Tree Care Operations – Tree, Shrubs, and Other Woody Plant Management including Part 1 through Part 10, ANSI Z60.1 American Standard for Nursery Stock, ANZI Z133 Safety Standards for Arboriculture Operations, OSHA, Federal Motor Coach Safety and FHA regulation set forth in Z133 and each of the Best Management Practices published by the ISA.
  • Provide training to their employees in the safe operation of equipment and the maintenance of a safe work area on a regular basis and submit proof of training to the Board. Within 90 days of registering the Business with the Board, a Business must develop and establish a written comprehensive safety policy.
  • A Registered Business shall keep records for at least four years and shall keep safety training for each employee for at least as long as the individual is employed.
  • All records and information required to be kept by the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts shall be provided to the Board within 10 days of the Board's written request.

Depending upon the services a business provides, it may be required to have either a Licensed Tree Expert or a Licensed Tree Care Operator as an employee. The Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO) is for companies that only provide standard tree care work like pruning, removals and stump grinding. The Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) is permitted to oversee standard tree work and more specialized work such as cabling and bracing, tree risk assessment, tree appraisals and consultations.

Review and Approval and Use of the Business Registration

If the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts determines that the Business meets the requirements of the Registration, the Business will be assigned a NJTC number and issued a registration certificate that specifies the Business's assigned NJTC number. A business is required to display the registration certificate for public view in its principle office, and display a duplicate copy at any branch office.

Vehicle Business Registration Number

The Registered Business shall prominently display the NJTC number assigned to that Business by the Board of Tree Experts on every service vehicle operated by that Business to perform tree care services in New Jersey. The NJTC number has to be three inches high and located on at least two sides of each vehicle. The number color must contrast with the background color of the vehicle.

Consumer Protection

The Law and the adopted rules set industry tree care standards within New Jersey and empower the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts to remedy complaints against both registered and unregistered tree care companies that seek to defraud the public by revoking business registrations or instituting civil penalties.